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I am calm and kind. I enjoy listening to pop music. I was married but my husband died. I would like to meet a man for the rest of my life. In my pastime I like listening to music, watching movies – I prefer comedies. I enjoy walking in the park, in the garden, planting flowers, travelling and walking near the sea. I also can cook, sew and embroider. I would like to change my profession and way of life for the better to lead a more interesting life, to like my profession. I would like to meet a man who would become my friend and future husband, who would be calm, kind, loving me and my son and if he is kind and good, I will become his wife and we will have a beautiful family with children together. WhatsApp Number +7 (908) 181-43-67

I am a very purposeful person and try to find a way out of any difficult situation. I can also say that communication with people helps me first of all to be a communicable and bright personality. I think that the most important trait for a woman is to be charming, it’s like a weapon she may use always and everywhere. My charm helps me to communicate with my friends and to achieve all my goals. I’d like to be a very needed and devoted woman for my chosen one as I always do my best for people who need me. I expect the same attitude for me from a man, he should be sincere and faithful. Despite the fact that all of the people are different and there are no same or perfect people I still try to find the very best in every person. I don’t want to live in illusions, I always treat life with kindness and prefer merry and optimistic people to surround me. My future will let me be in my family circle, and my family will be based on love, trust and mutual understanding. I want to just become happy and I will! WhatsApp Number +7 (926) 336-84-57

I am a kind, affectionate, tender, devoted, faithful, even-tempered girl. I enjoy having a rest outdoors, lying in the sun, admiring the sunset, reading, cultivating ornamental indoor plants. I lead a healthy way of life. I love sport. I would like to create a strong and united family. I dream about tenderness and caress. I will be as a very tender and attentive wife.
I would like to meet an honest, kind, open-hearted, tender, attentive, caring man who will be able to be as a reliable support for our future family and for me. WhatsApp Number +7 (905) 808-32-88

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